Rigibore offers a wide selection of roughing cartridges, qualified cartridges, finishing cartridges, ultra fine precision (UFP) and negative mounted or negative rake cartridges.

Rigibore also stock ISO cartridges, which are available both built into Rigibore special tools or as individual items for building in.

Competitive prices are offered on these replaceable cartridges worldwide through our global distribution network.

We recommend that UFP/UFW cartridges are used in boring applications only, not facing.

Ultra Fine Precision (UFP/UFW)
Ultra Fine Precision (UFP) cartridges are ideal for high productivity in CNC boring applications. Rigibore UFP Cartridges allow customers to bore metal to tight tolerances.

Its flawless design results in reduced downtime, improved process quality allowing high precision and increased performance for the organisation integrating the cartridges into their operational process.

UFP cartridges have been shown to maintain tight tolerances more consistently over longer periods, having a significant effect on increasing productivity in a boring operation.

Rigibore UFP Cartridges feature zero backlash and are graduated to 5 Microns/ 0.0002” per divisional on diameter over a range of 0.6mm/0.024”.

These tools have demonstrated significant accuracy in special tool boring operations, being easily adjusted to extremely high levels of accuracy.