T2/T3 rotary tables are 2-axis tables (4th + 5th axis) for one or more working pieces.

These 2-axis tables, equipped with a clamped counter bearing, are well-suited for simultaneous clamping and machining of 2 to 3 workpieces. The 2-axis tables are ideal for machining of automotive, aircraft and turbine parts as well as for general machining tasks.

With a high machining capacity per unit time, these 2-axis rotary tables permit the shortest possible tool lengths and shortest possible clamped workpieces for maximum rigidity. They impress with their low-vibration clamping and high-precision machining. Even difficult workpiece clamping configurations are possible with these 2-axis tables, which are just another standard product from us.

With counter bearing, clamped

  • For simultaneous clamping / machining of two or three workpieces
  • Amongst other things, ideal for the machining of automotive, airplane and turbine parts as well as for general mechanical engineering