TF rotary tables / dividing heads are 2-axis tables (4th + 5th axis) and have one spindle for one working piece.

TF-type rotary tables (4th + 5th axis) are single-spindle, cantilevered dividing heads without a counter bearing and are especially well-suited for small workpieces with a cube size of approx. 100 mm to max. 250 mm.

Our dividing heads offer good accessibility for the smallest parts, making them ideal for machining of watch cases, medical device parts, dental implants and other small parts. Difficult-to-machine materials are processed especially precisely with our dividing heads.

Even when carburetors, turbines and similar parts are involved, our dividing heads are known for high machining capacity per unit time. Low-vibration clamping and machining are assured.

Without counter bearing (“flying”)

  • Small workpieces (up to cubes of approx. 100 mm, max. 250 mm)
  • Amongst other things, ideal for the machining of watch cases, medical engineering parts, dental implants, small parts for carburetors, turbines etc.