T1 rotary tables are 2-axis tables (4th + 5th axis) with one spindle for one working piece.

Single-spindle, 2-axis table (4th + 5th axis) with clamped counter bearing is one of over 20 standardized systems available within our product range. Our technical performance data for rotary tables cover a wide range of applications.

This 2-axis table is well-suited for small to medium-sized workpieces with a cube size of approx. 350 mm. The 2-axis table is ideal for machining automotive, aircraft and turbine parts as well as for general machining tasks. After all, maximum adaptability is required in contract manufacturing as it is no where else.

This 2-axis rotary table, manufactured using superior technology, can largely fulfill you requirements for an all-rounder.

With counter bearing, clamped

  • Small to medium-sized workpieces (up to cubes of approx. 350 mm)
  • Amongst other things, ideal for the machining of automotive, airplane and turbine parts as well as for general mechanical engineering